Case File #8: The Argument by Kellen

By Kellen. Transcribed by Quavondo.

Me and Tommy got into a fight so I had Quavondo transcribe it instead of Tommy.

Last night I went over to Tommy’s house to talk to him about the tape of my birthday. Tommy seemed annoyed and yelled “Why didn’t you tell me this before?!” I told him I didn’t think it was important. He scolded me and pushed me into the drawer. “YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WAS IMPORTANT?!!” he yelled. It was like the soul of Darth Paper was possessing Tommy. I pushed him back and he tackled me onto the bed. We got into physical fight for the first time ever in our lives. I chucked a crumbled ball of useless homework at Tommy’s face. “LOOK TOMMY!!! I JUST CAME HERE TO TALK!” I yelled. Tommy just squinted and said “Came here to talk? Huh? Liar. I can’t trust Ben to do anything now or even heal Yoda! He gave you instructions so I thought you would help. BUT NO! YOU HID THIS FROM ME WHEN YOU KNEW I WOULD NEED TO THIS!” Tommy opened a door to a closet as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He pushed me inside the closet and locked me in. Then I heard Mrs. Lomax’s voice. “Is everything alright?” she asked. Tommy lied and said everything was fine. He unlocked the closet door and I jumped out. “YOU HAD TO LOCK ME IN A CLOSET!” I yelled. Tommy looked pretty mad just as I was. He yelled “JUST HELP SUMMON YODA!” After what Tommy did to me, I didn’t feel like helping him. I asked “Why did you come to me?” Tommy replied “Because, Ben gave YOU the instructions. The ownership of Yoda passed on to you probably. I suspected YOU could help.” This time I was enraged. “TOMMY! I GAVE THE INSTRUCTIONS TO DWIGHT!!!” Tommy said “No. You didn’t give Dwight the actual paper. You just re-drew it and gave it to him. The REAL paper is with you.” I couldn’t help Tommy so I just left and said “You’re taking this stupid Art Contest way too seriously.” The last thing I heard from Tommy was “If Harvey wins, he could expell or put us in ISS or give us out-of-school suspension!” before I stormed out of the house.


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