Case File #9: Healing by Tommy

Kellen left and I was hopeless. Yoda was defeated and inactive. Darth Paper has won by now. Still, I cannot give up.  I’ll try to reason with Kellen and get along. He’s our only hope.

I knocked on Kellen’s door and guess who answered? DUH?! KELLEN! He looked at me with distaste. “Look Kellen. I’m sorry about what happened. Look, I really need your help.” I said. Kellen first said “Give me back my audio recording thingy.” I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to him. “Kellen. Just give me the REAL instructions and the ownership of Yoda will pass on to me.” I said. Kellen shook his head. “Wreckless, you are Tommy. I cannot help you. Even Han Foldo, you can’t help at all.” I screamed and yelled “I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS!” Kellen wouldn’t budge so I snatched the instructions from him and ran off. He yelled “HEY!” I took him to my room and concentrated hard. I had to find the heart of Yoda. Deep inside the paper. There was a pink crumbled piece of paper as small as an ant. There was a small opening in the ball o’ paper. Carefully, I put it back together and a green light shot out from the middle of the paper. It struck my eye and I flew back to see Origami Yoda spring to life. I smiled. Origami Yoda was back! Well, 5-Fold Yoda. Now we needed to help Han Foldo.


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