Case File #7: Meeting w/ Ben by Tommy

I asked my mom to drive me to Ben’s address. I knocked on his door and Ben luckily answered. “Hey Tommy!” he said. “My parents are home and they’re sleeping so be extra quiet. Let’s go to my room.” Ben’s room was filled with Star Wars posters and origami. Luckily, Kellen let me borrow his voice recording thingy so I turned it on.

Tommy: Ben did you create 5-Fold Yoda?

Ben: Yeah I did.

Tommy: Why did you give it to Kellen?

Ben: Because he and Harvey gave me Darth Vader instrux.

Tommy: You think you can heal 5-Fold Yoda?

Ben: Call him Yoda.

Tommy: Ok.

Ben: What do you mean by heal?

Tommy: Like fix him up.

Ben: Yeah.

Tommy: Here’s Yoda.

Ben: OUCH! Did you take care of him at all?

Tommy: Yeah. He has the force and is actually alive.

Ben: Yeah I know, I saw your videos on YouTube.

Tommy: Oh.

Ben: What happened to him.

Tommy: Went to hide in Foldobah, my living room, and was stunned.

Ben: He seems inactive.

Tommy: Yeah he does.

Ben: I will do my best to fix him up.

Tommy: Will you bring him to school?

Ben: Yeah sure dude.

Tommy: About 10-Fold Darth Paper.

Ben: Yeah?

Tommy: Harvey made that.

Ben: I know.

Tommy: In my Darth Paper case file you gave us the instrux.

Ben: I did.

Tommy: You said you made it yourself.

Ben: No I didn’t. I said I HAD it.

Tommy: No wonder you can’t turn 10-Fold Darth Paper good. Since Harvey made it HE can turn him good. Harvey isn’t good though.

Ben: Yeah I know. I remember you asked me to heal 10-Fold Darth Paper.

Tommy: That was 3 weeks ago.

Ben: I know.

Tommy: Well I got to go soon.

Ben: Same here.

Tommy: Ben.

Ben: Yeah?

Tommy: You’re hiding something…


Tommy: No.

Ben: I said.. GET OUT!


I could easily tell Ben was hiding something. I couldn’t trust Ben anymore so I took Yoda when I left. I could heal him myself. I’ll try…


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