Case File #6: Kellen’s Birthday by Tommy

After getting that tape from Dwight I ran upstairs to my TV and put my VHS tape in the VHS player. The TV turned on and I saw a dark room. There was a Chocolate Cake on a table with 10 candles on it, light up. A kid with glasses sat in front of the cake as he and some other people sang Happy Birthday. It was KELLEN’S 10th Birthday!!! I spotted Harvey singing and folding a black piece of paper. The song stopped and the candlelight was blown away. The lights turned on and I saw Kellen’s family, Harvey, Dwight, and a bunch of other people I didn’t know. At this point, I remember being invited to Kellen’s birthday but I had to go to a MANDATORY club meeting called: Kid Superheroes my mom signed me up for, not realizing I was too old for that kinda stuff. Kid Superheroes is like a club where kids do stupid trading card games and learn about social life. I do NOT understand why they would call a club like that[….](NOTE: We had to skip all the other 4 pages about Kid Superheroes) So anyways, as I watched the tape I realized Harvey was folding a prototype Darth Paper. Kellen was folding what looked like a Luke. Wait. IT LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE MY LUKE!!! After folding his Luke he drew instructions for Luke Skyfolder and gave it to Dwight. I heard him whisper “Give this to Tommy….” The scene cut to Dwight’s room 3 years later. There was Kellen’s instructions on his bed. He somehow forgot to give it to me. He had a note about the Art Contest written by Principal Rabbski crumbled up in his hand. He picked up a phone and called up Quavondo. He said “Deliver the instrcutions to Tommy.” The scene cut back to Kellen’s birthday. Harvey was showing Kellen his prototype Darth Paper which looked EXACTLY like the 10-fold one Ben taught us how to fold. Harvey was like “Yeah. I’ll make a better one. For now, if anyone wants to steal my origami folds, I made instrux for this 10-fold Darth Vader. I am NOT telling anyone how to fold my new Darth Vader I will be folding soon. Let’s show Ben!” They walked over to some kid who looked older than all the other kids. It was Ben. In exchange for the 10-Fold Darth Paper instrux drawn by Kellen, Ben handed Kellen instrux for an easy 5-Fold Origami Yoda which Kellen later on gave to Dwight. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Kellen created the Luke Skyfolder I have today! The only way to summon Luke Skyfolder was to get Kellen. That tape explained so much. It all links to that Darth Paper Strikes Back Case File I made! We have answers about Darth Paper. We need Ben, to heal Origami Yoda. The Origami Yoda you see in my videos is the 5-Fold Yoda. Ben created 5-Fold Yoda. He’s the only one that can heal him…


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