Case File #5: The Mysterious Tape by Tommy

I have kept a watch on Dwight’s Origami Yoda. I finally found him in my living room under my green leather couch. I picked him up and heard him mutter: With you, the force is. Origami Yoda fell off my finger and onto the carpet. I tried to get him to speak but it was now a folded piece of paper that looks like Yoda. He seemed to be inactive at this point. I remember the last video footage I filmed Yoda was on a mission to “Dagobah”. Or “Foldobah” Maybe my living room was Foldobah! It was like my house was a galaxy. I brought out my Luke Skyfolder and had a flashback. I remember Quavondo delivered the Luke Skyfolder instructions to me months ago. I remember filming it too! I looked over the footage and saw something looking over Quavondo’s shoulder. IT WAS DARTH PAPER!!! Yoda must have noticed him and went to Foldobah to fight off his troops or something. Like in the movie Yoda was hiding. He must have been hiding from Darth Paper THIS WHOLE TIME!! Yoda probably was stunned by Darth Paper’s troops after they shot Yoda with a Sith blaster. No wonder he was inactive. The doorbell rang suddenly. I opened it slowly to see Dwight saying Purple constantly. I tried to shut the door on him. He just blocked the door from shutting and stopped saying Purple. He gave me a mail package. I felt it and noticed there was a tape inside there. Dwight shut the door and I took out the tape. It was a VHS tape labeled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLEN!!”

I could not wait to see the tape.


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