Case File #10: Pizza Party by Quavondo

I remember like it was only yesterday. Wait, it was yesterday. So anyways, the school did an announcement about whatever class earned 30 Class Points in 1 week gets a pizza party and then an ice cream party afterwards for Dessert. The buzz about the 2 parties went around the school. Everyone seemed excited. You can earn Class Points by doing good deeds or following school rules, if a teacher catches you doing so, she hands you a cardboard card saying: 1 CLASS POINT! You turn it in to the teacher and we get a class point. So for the past 24 hours, students have been going crazy, picking up dropped books or cleaning up the school floors without asking. Well I earned like 5 Class Points yesterday after helping the teacher clean up her classroom after the bell rang. Then I lost 2 Class Points for coming late to class for next period! D:

Anyways, our class has been losing ever since Tommy has been cheering and jumping all around the hallways, making so much noise. So he gets Bad Points. You get a Bad Point, you lose a Class Point. So yeah, we’re losing by a lot. This pizza party means a lot to me too so when I found out that Mrs. Howell’s class won Kellen and I went crazy. So I had a top secret plan to sneak into Mr. Howell’s room and enjoy the Pizza Party. Well when I arrived there, the room was empty. So I walked to the cafeteria to see Mr. Howell’s kids eating Papa John’s pizza! D: I was so jealous. I walked in to take a closer look. Then I looked at the pizza. IT WASN’T PAPA JOHNS! IT WAS THE SCHOOL PIZZA!

THE SCHOOL PIZZA was hidden inside Papa John’s boxes and then handed out to the kids! WHAT A SCAM! Then for the so-called “Ice Cream Party” kids were eating the icy fruit sherbets which taste like water and fruit blended in a blender so it tastes horrible. It’s bitter too. To make things worse, Mr. Good Clean Fun and Soapy the Monkey were handing out KLEENEX WIPES while singing some song I cannot repeat. Then Mr. Howell caught me and said he gave our class 10 Bad Points. The school rule says if you get 20 Bad Points, you get disqualified from any competition, which means THE ART CONTEST! So yeah, were doomed. Sorry guys. Tommy already got us 7 Bad Points so we HAVE to stop this. So again, SORRY GUYS!

Harvey’s Comment: Well, you’re not Cheeto Hog Quavondo. YOU ARE THE PIZZA  HOG! Now since we are in the same homeroom, I CAN’T ENTER PIZZA HOG if we get 3 more Bad Points!!! CURSE YOU PIZZA HOG!


Tommy’s Comment: I have to say sorry too for earning us 7 Bad Points. 😦


One thought on “Case File #10: Pizza Party by Quavondo

  1. Sorry for earning us 7 Bad Points too. Oh no. 3 BAD POINTS LEFT! Can someone hand me any Origami C3-PO and have it say “WERE DOOMED!”

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