This section has all the Origami Chronicles stories! Every week a new story will be posted. Enjoy! The first story will be shown on Jan. 18 2013.

From now on, all the new stories/case files will NOT be on this page! When your cursor hovers over the “Stories” link, a mini-menu will pop up showing new case files in order!

PROLOGUE  Case File #1 for The Origami Chronicles   by Tommy

Hello! This is Tommy! I’m back here to fill out another case file about The Origami Chronicles, that’s what we all call it. Dark times have been returning to McQuarrie Middle School when the art contest began. Here’s what happened: “Gather up everybody! In 2 weeks our biannual art contest will begin. You need to make a piece of great art and turn it in. The McQuarrie judges will decide the best art piece. To give you guys a really good award…………the winner gets to be principal for 1 day! ALSO…I can’t believe I’m saying this but……..ORIGAMI IS ACCEPTABLE.” said Principal Rabbski (a.k.a Emperor Rabbski) The art contest sounds very cool, but Harvey is turning in his Darth Paper (formerly Anakin), Jango Fett, Boba Fett and his Clone Trooper. He is planning to become principal and “RULE” McQuarrie Middle School. So Dwight wants ME to win so Harvey cannot be the principal. THAT WOULD BE TORTURE! So Dwight drew instructions to fold his Luke Skyfolder. He told me to fold it and enter it in the art contest. He also gave me his Origami Yoda and asked Sara to give me the Fortune Wookiee and Han Foldo. Dwight gave me this information on his porch.  I left with the origami and headed home to fold the origami. For backup I folded Ben’s Foldy-Wan Kenobi.  Hopefully I will save McQuarrie Middle School from Harvey…….TO BE CONTINUED IN THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE ORIGAMI CHRONICLES…………

PURPLE Case File #??!! for The Origami Chronicles by Dwight


THE MISSION OF LUKE SKYFOLDER Case File #2 for The Origami Chronicles by Tommy

I only have 2 minutes before I leave to school so I have to find my Luke quickly. Ever since I found Darth Paper lying next to my bed I could not find Luke anywhere…Finally! Luke is on the ledge next to my door. Now I am ready to take off. At McQuarrie, Dwight and Harvey were arguing over a missing Darth Paper. When Harvey was about to hurt Dwight I decided to break the 2 up. I kept Darth Paper in my pocket so Harvey could be stopped from ruling McQuarrie School. Then Harvey said he was going to fold a different Darth Paper which means the old Darth Paper would stay on my side. When I got home from school I changed Darth Paper into Anakin Skyfolder. After a couple of homework and folding it was already 10:00 so I went to bed. Until heard noises in the hallway. I took my new HD Video Recorder to videotape what was downstairs. Then I hid behind a chair and filmed what was happening. The origami was alive!!!!! Yoda and Luke were talking and everything. I did not want the origami to see me, so I videotaped the origami while I was hidden behind a chair. This video could prove Harvey that Yoda is not a paperwad and has the force! I heard Yoda telling Luke to go on a mission to my kitchen which is known as The Desolation of Darth Paper which is where Anakin is. Origami Luke left the ledge and walked over to the kitchen. It seemed like he was going on a year-long journey even though the kitchen was only like 5 feet away. I sneaked into the kitchen with my recorder and saw that my Anakin was turned back into Darth Paper! Then I filmed Luke traveling to the kitchen (a.k.a The Desolation of Darth Paper)…………………………………TO BE CONTINUED IN EPISODE 2 OF THE ORIGAMI CHRONICLES!


It’s a good thing I don’t have to write this whole story because I just found this page in Harvey’s english notebook which I can copy down. Here it is:


It was only 1 year ago when Tommy invited me to his sleepover for his birthday. I brought my Darth Paper with me that time but Tommy told me to put it in his kitchen. This proved my Darth Paper had the force when he completely destroyed Tommy’s kitchen! Though Paperwad Yoda was lying there because Tommy invited Dwight! Tommy led me to his “Media Room” where all his friends were playing video games and folding different Star Wars origami. I had forgotten that I left my video recorder downstairs in Tommy’s kitchen+ the recorder was on. While I played video games with Tommy the video recorder was filming the origami downstairs. Finally, the next morning when my mom was driving me back home I watched the video on my recorder which I had found when I picked it up. Here are the details: Darth Paper woke up and yawned. He stared at Origami Yoda and crushed him with his lightsaber. Origami Yoda was crumbled up and thrown into the trash (: Then Darth Paper threw gogurt tubes all over the kitchen so the kitchen was covered in yogurt! Later, Darth Paper threw 10 frozen pizzas on the kitchen counter! Then chaos happened! Food was thrown everywhere around the kitchen and then it ended up to be a complete mess like this:

UnknownThen after that day the kitchen was known as The Desolation of Darth Paper!!!!!!!! Origami Yoda was never found until a week later Dwight came over to Tommy’s house to find his Yoda. He finally dug through Tommy’s trash and took OY back to his house.

So that’s the story of the Desolation of Darth Paper…..

THE MYSTERY OF HAN FOLDO Case File #3 for The Origami Chronicles by Sara

Well, I do NOT know what to say! Last night, Tommy called me and talked about Han Foldo who hid throughout the whole night. He saw Han come back up laughing uncontrollably. I am not so sure about what happened. I think Darth Paper might have done something to him. Harvey told me that his Darth Paper was missing. Well, I am very scared right now. I saw my origami Obi-Wan, Foldy-Wan Kenobi, ripped up. I taped him back together this morning. We need to find out what happened to Han Foldo… Dwight was crying the other day saying his Origami Yoda was drenched in water….

THE CURSE OF HAN FOLDO Case File #4 by Mike

Apparently, theres this buzz about some evil rouge Han Foldo destroying origami. I was interested so I asked Sara if I could see Han Foldo for a sec. Well, I left him at my house and I came back to see that my art notebook had been ripped up with pages all across the floor teared up into shreds. Then I saw my NETGEAR security camera. This is what I saw:  Well my art notebook was on the table. Then Han Foldo got up and just ripped it all. I was enraged and cried for a while. I tried to rip him when I saw it. It was impossible. I got scissors and tried cutting it. The blades just bent. It was only last night when I found out what had happened to Han Foldo. I borrowed Tommy’s HD Video THINGY and there was a hidden file in it. I played it and saw Darth Paper drag Han Foldo to his Desolation, A.K.A The Death Fold. Then he touched Han Foldo’s head and some rays shot out. Then Han Foldo bowed to Darth Paper. Now this chaos is happening. We HAVE to cure Han before he fully joins the Dark Side of the Fold.


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