The contests are Star Wars and OY quizzes.  ALSO folding contests.  So, here’s how it works: Read the contest description.  Answer the questions in the comments or if it’s a folding contest email me at  I will email you some instructions to fold different origami if you win!  Sound cool?  Look for contests below.

FOLDING CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Fold any Star Wars character and send the photo to me.  The winners will be announced on Feb 5th.  The prizes are……………………………………….1st Place: ETA-2 Jedi Interceptor instructions and Mandalorian instructions;   2nd Place: Han Solo (frozen) instructions; 3rd Place: Minecraft Steve instructions.  GOOD LUCK! Now it is past Feb. 5th and the winner is………….. DARTH NOAH! Who gets first place prize!

CONTEST 2: What is Origami Yoda’s favorite band? Email me your answer at! good luck! The prize: Instructions to fold your own kirigami Luke Skyfolder (tatooine variation). The due date is Feb. 16 2013

CONTEST 3: The winner will get…….. AN EPISODE SNEAK PEEK PACK! This means that with the sneak peek pack you get the latest news on what’s going on in the OY TOC! Cool right? All you need to do is to submit your best origami jabba! This is for samigami1221! Email the submissions to me at NO SPAMMING! Oh! MAKE SURE LISTA DOES NOT SPAM EITHER!!!! See ya stooky dudes!

CONTEST 4: What happens when you fold a stooky Foldy-Wan Kenobi? Your Foldy-Wan Kenobi can be in the show! All you need to do is send your Foldy-Wan Kenobi design to me via email! The prize is…YOUR FOLDY-WAN KENOBI design gets to be in the series!


7 thoughts on “Contests

  1. Aw man, I would have loved to submit a Jabba in there. I had been working on a design for awhile. Maybe I’ll come up with my own 😀 Well, you’re awesome anways Jordan. Setting up a whole website having contests and such, just for us! :’) You’re awesome. Well, cya when I’m dead! I mean, as a jedi ghost. Maybe I can give you advice instuff. Would be pretty forcefully awesome! Well, cya later dude! MAKE VIDEOS! FOLD! BE AWESOME!!!!! -Superfolder Sam out

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