Cast & Crew

Cast and Crew


  • Luke•SFJordanL
  • Foldbacca•SFJordanL
  • Han Foldo•SFJadenC
  • Origami Yoda•SFJordanL
  • Anakin Skyfolder•SFJordanL
  • Darth Paper•SFJordanL
  • Clone Troopers•SFJordanL
  • Tommy•SFJordanL
  • Dwight•N/A
  • Kellen•N/A


  • Director•SFJordanL
  • Producer•SFJordanL
  • Written by•SFJordanL
  • Origami by•SFJordanL
  • Designer•SFJordanL
  • Casting•SFJordanL
  • Music•Lucasfilm
  • Editing•SFJordanL
  • Support•SFTomA, SF JC, SFRobby, Samigami, SFNoah, SFAlexWhite, and all the other superfolders who helped bring back OY Chronicles!
  • Website Maker•SFWordpress & SFJordanL
  • The Fans•SFEveryone


We have 2 empty roles for you guys!



Send in your auditions in email to!


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