The series has been discontinued for about, almost a year. I am truly sorry for the inconvience. I have been really super duper busy these days. Once this website gets more viewers, the episodes may begin to air more quicker! If i’m going to do a web series, we need to people to watch it. BTW, does anyone know Tom’s email?




Now we have had a episode delay for about 7 months! Can you believe it?!

I have been really busy and Episode 3 will arrive ASAP.




Hey guys! Only November 8, 2013 I met my favorite author. TOM ANGLEBERGER!!! WOOHOO! He had a really stooky presentation and folded some 5-Fold Yodas that were TOTAL ROCKETS AND PLASTIC DINOSAURS! Then we waited in the long line to get all my Origami Yoda books signed: Darth Paper Strikes Back, Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, Art2-D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling, and Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett!

Finally we reached the front of the line and I got my books signed along with stooky drawings Tom Angleberger drew in my books as part of the autograph! We took a picture of him and me while Tom Angleberger held up his STOOKY STOOKY STOOKY Jabba The Puppett with stocky origami paper! It was a really fun time.

MORE GOOD NEWS!                                                                                                                 I am part of FLL: FIRST LEGO League Team where we build LEGO robots and do tasks and we do innovative projects. Sort of like LEGO Robotics club in Jabba The Puppett! So anyways, we had our competition today and guess what?! OUR TEAM MADE IT TO THE STATES COMPETITION! WOOHOO! So it’s a very great and exciting time for us. So yeah guys. CYA. SFJordanL, OUT!



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The Origami Chronicles is a parody of THE YODA CHRONICLES about Origami Yoda and his squad of origami troops battling Darth Paper. It is revealed the folds of paper have the force and do more than lay on the wooden table or stay on people’s fingers. Why really are they fighting Darth Paper? Find out more here.