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Let’s say you want advice from Origami Yoda and you can’t get in contact with him…Well just use Ask Yoda!  Ask your question in the comments.  It will take time for Yoda to respond, so if takes a while than he is probably really busy. To get your answers faster email me.


79 thoughts on “Ask Yoda

  1. Everyone makes mistakes and doesn’t want to get in trouble, they do. Though as long as you are honest and don’t hide it you won’t get in that much trouble as you expect.

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  3. in the first couple of movies “star wars” yoda wasn’t in them. he came in the 5th, and since he was 850 in the emperor strikes back, where has he been in 1,2,3, and 4? What where his occupations?

      • yesss a powerful enemy yoda is even in the senate chamber darth sideas could not defeat yoda before he went into hideing>:)

    • Well, I think that snce Anakin turned into Darth Vader, and the Sith were destroying the Jedi’s, Yoda HAD to hide. If he stayed, the last of the jedi, him, would have been slaughtered. I think that not too long after episode four, he purposely left to Degobah where no Sith would come to find him. So, basically, he hid there for a PRETTY long time for his survival, and the future of the Rebels.

    • Be nice to them, you must.
      A wookiee does not give up to go and make some friends! Be a man and be yourself, kids will begin to appreciate you, I promise.

    To John.
    Treat people the way you want to be treated, you must, and friends you will make.

  5. Greetings Master Yoda! I am Jedimaster Felrin-Kel, and I am here for your counceling. I have been newly selected to join the Jedi Council, and may need some adive in the future on what I should do for certain things. I will reply more often, but whatever I have for you, hopefully you will be able to answer it. Well, I must head to Tatooine on a mission. Stay strong Yoda! -holographic message end- *BEEP* (Just kidding, I’m Superfolder Sam, and may need some help on things. So, if I have anything, just reply, and I’ll listen as best I can. STAY STOOKY!)

  6. Yoda i don’t know if i want to join the school soccer team with my friends I’m fairly athletic and i like soccer what should i do?

    • Your decision.
      Join the soccer team, you should.
      A wookiee tries hard to do what they must. As for soccer, you must TRY and practice hard if you want to play! I say join it! If you decide it’s too tough, then exit out!

  7. Hey origami yoda, how do I convince the crew who made these chronicles shouldn’t listen to some stupid SF Harvey. He probably isn’t a superfolder! Can you tell them that their movies are completely boss and that they shouldn’t give up their dreams just because of 1 bad review. I mean seriously? If something like that happens, you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and persevere. YOU MUST CONTINUE THE ORIGAMI YODA CHRONICLES! SF HARVEY IS BANTHA DUNG, SARLAAC DUNG, EWOK FOOD and The Emperor’s Face! Don’t shut it down! That will be doing exactly what he wants you do! Remember, Good will always be victorious in the end! May the force be with you.

    • The crew shall continue, they must. They shall be confident.

      A wookiee tries hard to do something. You cannot stop SFJordanL! No matter what someone says. A wookiee does NOT give up. Giving up is only making the bad commenter have the right to take advantage of you. So don’t give up.

    • Speechless, I am. Luke, my fellow Jedi, speak to you he should.

      Hey wuzzup Alex! This is Luke Skyfolder! So girls..ehh? I do have SOME experience with Princess Leia but Han stole her from me so she’s pretty much outta my league. But, well. When I was in Foldergarten, I did have a crush on a girl named Princess Annabell III. I asked our her out for a playdate at my house in Tatooine. This is what you do:
      Walk up to a girl.
      Get her attention.
      Say “Hey, I was just wondering if we could hang out after school at the movies.”
      You need to sound natural and not like you are nervous. Also, take the girl to a MOVIE to see. Thats more your level. Once your a Senior in high school or above, you can ask a girl on a date. DINNER DATE! Well, hoped I helped ya’ll!
      -Luke Skyfolder

  8. Ok, I has a question.
    At my school, 8th graders have a homecoming dance. And girls keep saying hi to me. Does that mean they like me? I don’t think I’m the type that people actually like. I am handsome, but I don’t know if the girls are just trying to tease me, or do they actually like me? (that was bad grammar)

    • Hard question, it is. Rush in, fools do. Wonder, you should not. Usually, are mean to boys, are girls who like you. Like you, they might.

      • Darth Papers edvice: yoda shmoda why no darth paper why do I have to be the bad guy if someone sees this PLEASE make a website for darth paper!
        p.s. I hate origami yoda>:)

  9. ok so I have read all the origami yoda books books but THE END IS THIS? Please give me an awnser origami yoda PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    • Your surroundings look at. When in a conflict, you see that someone is, help, bring out your origami yoda and tell them your origami yoda can. Then your advice say!

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