The Origami Chronicles was a web video series based on the books of the Origami Yoda book series written by the one and only, TOM ANGLEBERGER! The Origami Chronicles was created by SFJordanL consisting of 3 Seasons:

SEASON ONE: An Unexpected Fold (5 Episodes)                                                                           SEASON TWO: Desolation Of Darth Paper (3 Episodes)                                                         SEASON THREE: The Arrival Of FUNTIME (5 Episodes)


  • Episode 1: A New Fold
  • Episode 2: Anakin Skyfolder
  • Episode 3: Mystery Of Han Foldo
  • Episode 4: The Arrival Of The Droid
  • Episode 5: Revenge Of The Fold
  • Episode 6: The Desolation
  • Episode 7: Search For Darth Paper
  • Episode 8: The Battle of the Desolation
  • Episode 9: Emperor Rabbski
  • Episode 10: The FunTime Menace
  • Episode 11: The Palace of Jabba The Puppett
  • Episode 12: Fallout of the Rebellion
  • Episode 13: Darth Paper Comes Back
  • Episode 14: The Final Stand


After Principal Rabbski starts an Art Contest (and accepts origami), Dwight, Sara, and the others are counting on Tommy to use their origami to win the Art Contest before Harvey turns in his Darth Paper, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and Fold 66 Clones. The winner of the Art Contest gets to be principal for 1 day. That’s why Tommy must stop Harvey before he takes over McQuarrie Middle School. Not until Tommy witnesses that the origami are alive and talking right in his house at late night. That’s why Tommy has secretly used his HD Video Recorder to record videos of the origami, which may be the only chance of winning. Now so far, Luke Skyfolder, an origami guy, is made by Kellen and Tommy, must team with friends like Han Foldo, Fortune Wookiee/Foldbacca, Yoda, Art2-D2, Foldy-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skyfolder (young) to defeat Darth Paper who lurks in his Desolation.



  • **EPISODES**- A webpage that contains all the sneak peeks and trailers. It also has all the episodes in order.
  • Animated Instrux- A webpage that includes a bunch of cool animations that teach you how to make Star Wars Origami.
  • Ask Yoda- A page where you can ask Origami Yoda for advice and he will respond within 24 hours.
  • Blog- A page with up-to-date news and blog posts and cool UI. (User Interface)
  • Cast & Crew- A full page of the Cast & Crew and Role Call page.
  • Contests- Enter in epic origami or answers to questions and win a prize which are STOOKY Origami Instrux (animated or written) or sneak peek footage.
  • Extra Links- This page gives you extra website links you should go to. Trust me, they are pretty cool.
  • Rules- Your old basic website rules for commenting or submitting any origami masterpieces.
  • Sign Up- You can sign up for a Holocron Keeper Account where you can post origami masterpieces or origami movies to Stooky Showcase. To submit, email creation to jordanjlee@me.com along with your SF Name, Username and Password.
  • Stooky LEGO Videos- Just stooky stop-motion LEGO films.
  • Stooky Showcase- A showcase of cool origami masterpieces made by Holocron Keepers.
  • Stories- Case Files that help you catch up with the Origami Yoda: The Origami Chronicles storyline.
  • Talk To SFJordanL- Talk to the creator in the comments!
  • The App- A photo gallery and infomercial about the FREE upcoming Origami Chronicles App available only on the App Store.
  • THE FOLDVENGERS- An infomercial and casting call page for a new upcoming origami series called FOLDVENGES (parody of Avengers).
  • Meet The Creator- Learn more about the creator of the Origami Yoda Chronicles.

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